Sunday, February 1, 2009

Seasons of change

We donated Lauren's crib this weekend. And since the toddler bed uses a crib mattress, we had to scramble to get something for her to sleep on. We ended up getting a cute, little twin bed for her. She looks so tiny in it. It's hard to imagine this will be the bed that someday she'll lay on to write in her diary, cry over boys and fights with friends and chat on the phone. This is her "big girl" bed.
I'm getting kinda discouraged with my half marathon training. I'm about a week behind, and I should only be starting week three. Our weather has been less than cooperative. I don't really mind the cold. It's the snow and ice that make running outside difficult. Today the weather is awesome.....sunny and in the 40's. I went out to do 3 miles. Today was supposed to be 4, but I haven't ran all week. Funny thing happened as I was running. My left foot was falling asleep WHILE running. When I stopped to walk it would start to feel normal again. I loosened my shoe lace to no avail. My only thought is that my calve muscles have been really tight, and that must be doing something. My plan is to do yoga on my non-running days to loosen things up. It's a start, I guess.
Carry on.

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