Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Mother's Hand

I found this the other day. I wrote it about 6 months after my mother's death. I feel I'm able to share it now.

My Mother's Hand

I got my Mom's wedding ring sized to fit my ring finger. My mom always put a lot of sentimental value on things. She never took this ring off. During surgeries, she would give me the ring at the last possible moment, and make me swear that I would not lose it. I remember when she had her heart surgery. She was recovering in ICU, sedated and on a ventilatior. She continually pointed to her ring finger, trying to speak. She wanted that ring back!

I realized when she gave me her ring this last time, that I would not be givng it back. It was about 2 months before her death. She had gotten so thin, that it was falling off. I knew then, that she knew she was going to die.

When my eyes catch the sparkle of her ring, I no longer see my hand. I see her's. I see the hand that took care of me when I was sick. The hand that made more meals than I can count. A hand that worked hard. A hand that was folded in prayer for our family.

I may not be as attached to this ring as she was. But I'll look at this ring and know that I was loved.


Anne said...

That's so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. *hugs*

Amy said...

That's beautiful. I'm so sorry for your loss!